Friday, November 19, 2010

The very last picture of my dear old Sheba taken not long before the Vet arrived.  She was comfortable on her bed and refused to lift her head for the photo

Just Found My Blog Again :)

It has been such a busy, sad year that I have hardly had time to do anything apart from run around after people and try to keep myself semi sane.   Hopefully the worst is now passed but I wont be relaxing any time soon as evil people just never rest and Im sure the hiatus just means that the person in question is hatching yet more plots to make the lives of those around a misery.
I have been busy making my Christmas cards actually a month or so in advance which is a first for me.  Just have to get them into envelopes now and take out a small bank loan to pay for postage.  Still that is what I like to do so Im really not complaining.  I might even get to actually upload some images when I get time.
Yesterday was truly the pits we had to have our dear old doggy companion of nearly 14yrs put to sleep so things feel very strange and empty.  Her sister is actually coping very well (for the moment at least) better than us if the truth be told.  Just hope she keeps it up.